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Getting Funky With The H. Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/

H.Moser & Cie love to shake it up and they did so on April 1st. This was no joke though as the Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/ is very real.

Moser is one of those companies that invites controversy. Whether the fake watch is made of cheese, has a plant growing inside or takes a serious jab at other companies, they have a lot of fun. They also make some incredibly attractive pieces ?gimme that green Streamliner now! With the new Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/ (Tomas introduced us to them in 2020), the brand collaborated with French artist Romaric André to create a funky limited edition of just 20 pieces.

The Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/

The spirit behind the Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/ is pretty simple. Moser asked the artist to create a concept and, in doing so, kept the ultra minimalist Moser style. However, they took it one step forward. In true seconde/seconde/ fashion, they added a new hour hand in the form of a rubber eraser. The effect is to symbolize "erasing?the brand. Is it goofy or a fun arty piece? Personally, I like it and enjoy the fact that Moser doesn't always take itself so seriously. The other thing that's nice is that it remains instantly recognizable as a Moser.


The Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/ comes in a stainless steel 40mm by 10.7mm case. The dial is a stunning blue fumé that grows darker towards its edges. When it comes to the eraser, it replaces the traditional hour hand and definitely gives off a different look. Inside, we have the HMC 200 automatic with 27 jewels and three days of power reserve. The fake watch sits on a traditional black alligator strap with pin buckle.

Thoughts and pricing

The Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/ retails for ?0,900 and it is certainly a statement piece at that price. Again, though, with only 20 available, I'd put this in the modern art genre for watches. If you think of it that way and consider the price of a piece of art, it's all somewhat relative. Yes, I'd take a Streamliner first, but this is a nice dose of fun these days.

For more information on the Moser Endeavour X seconde/seconde/, visit the brand's official site.

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